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Please update the local office with mailing address and phone number changes ASAP!\

Jennifer Furtney
Office Manager
Phone: 406-458-3364
Fax: 406-458-3365
email: smartoffice103@gmail.com

Smart Local 103

Benefits Contact Information

Mary Duede
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 406-458-3364
Fax: 406-458-3365

email: local103maryd@gmail.com

  • National Benefits fund                 800-575-7771
  • National Pension                          800-231-4622
  • Northwest Health and Welfare   800-872-8979
  • Northwest Pension (401k)         800-413-4928
  • SASMI                                         800-858-0354
  • Employee Assistance Program    800-648-5834

FYI: The correct address for SASMI is:

8403 Arlington Blvd. Ste 310

Fairfax, VA  22031-4601