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Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish and maintain a first-rate wage, whole family health care and top quality working conditions for our members and their families. Our mission is to provide our members with a desirable and comfortable retirement. Local # 103 will provide the best training for our members to enable them to become the most skilled sheet metal workers in the trade. Local # 103 is committed to providing customer satisfaction on every job by promoting the highest quality, maximum safety, and outstanding craftsmanship in the sheet metal industry.

March 23, 2020

To: All Local 103 members

Re: Covid-19 Pandemic

 Brothers and Sisters,

 This letter is a follow up on the one that went out last week regarding upcoming Special Meetings, as of today we are cancelling all Local 103 meetings in the month of April. That includes Trustee  and Executive Board meetings. This is being done to comply with C.D.C. and State guidelines and      out of concern for Local 103 members and their families. On the job or off your wellbeing is a priority  for Local 103.

 We have had questions from members, and I’ll give you our response and what we are doing to address this situation...

* We have asked all our contractors to notify the office of     any shop or job closures in order to inform the membership   of what benefits are out there for them. Local 103 cannot   shut down jobs or shops.

*The Helena and Idaho offices are closed to walk ins until   the end of April. Brandon, Josh and I can still be reached by   phone for any member questions.

*We ask that any member being sent home contact the   Helena office.

*Yes, your dues will still be processed at the Helena office.     You will have to call in or mail dues.

*We are putting together a list benefits with contact   information for members who need it.

 Things are changing daily, and we are working to keep the members informed. Please feel free to contact  us with any questions you have.


  John L. Carter
 SMART Local 103 BM/FST

Home Office:  (406) 458-3364

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Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED SMART Local 103 website.  We have updated our website to stay current with the needs of you, the membership. Making it easier for you to pay dues with our new online dues paying system.  Since being Chartered in the early 20th century it has been the goal of Local 103 to provide the members with the best services available.  We hope that you find this new website helpful.

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